Awakening the Powers of the Soul

Nosara - blue spirit

August 5 - 12, 2017

Healing Workshop


Live music performed by GABRIEL LOYNAZ & LUIS ÁNGEL SATO.





Engulfed by breathtaking scenery, sacred spaces, and amazing sunsets, the energy in  Blue Spirit plays an essential role in the healing process of the group.  It creates a sacred space of warm openness through the expression of Love and Peace.


Through different physical practices, pranayamas, energy activations and conscious eating, we prepare our bodies to enter a space of peace, harmony, balance and inner joy.


Marianela Ortiz, Gabriel Loynaz and Luis Ángel Sato  will share live music which will guide us through deep healing processes as we flow with the particular necessities of the group during each session. Music will move us to liberate, let go, awaken, smile, cry, love, shake, honor, sing and celebrate LIFE.


We will learn how to nurture our musical spirit much like we would grow a garden: using light (not taking ourselves too seriously) and water (allowing ourselves to stay in the flow of creativity). Music helps us release any doubts about ourselves and nourish in the soil of creativity.


¨We are music:  our heart beat is the rhythm that pulses through our veins. Our voice is the melody that resonates as we speak; our health is the harmonious state of our bodies and minds ; our breath is the silence of our bodies’ respiration. ¨

Contents of the Workshop

Asanas and kriyas to discover our VITAL force by aligning ourselves to our life’s purpose.


 Hara Yoga to feel in ourselves the power of DETERMINATION by turning our weaknesses into strengths.


 Therapeutic sounds that shatter barriers and align us to the force of EVOLUTION by contacting our planetary dimension.


 Dynamic and Kundalini meditations to awaken INSPIRATION by receiving the creative breath.


 Yoga Mudras to nurture our own COMPASSION through acceptance without judging ourselves or others.


 Individual or group therapy using healing bowls to connect with the force of DISCERNMENT by learning to recognise our truth.


Group activities in water to let go and awaken the force of FLOW.


Silent hiking at dawn to co-create energy that leads us to our own inner spontaneous silence.

Details and Costs

The prices listed include the following:

- Accommodation in one of Blue Spirit's astounding rooms.

- Organic, 100% vegetarian meals, served as buffet 3 times a day.

- Transportation to and from Liberia's Airport.

- Yoga classes every day, enjoyable for beginners as well as instructors. 

- Healing group dynamics and recreational activities.

- Kirtan concerts every night.


- You can book the retreat with $600 up to July the 5th. 


- You must pay the final workshop fee before July the 5th, otherwise we won't be able to hold your booking nor refund your booking fee.

- When paying the booking fee, you don't need to specify which room you prefer. Nontheless, you must let us know what room you would like to occupy before July the 5th, otherwise we won't be able to hold your booking or refund your booking fee.

Enjoy Your Life - Blue Spirit Retreat